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Discipleship is living the Great Commission. This is how Jesus Christ spent his time here on earth, reaching the lost and investing himself into the lives of his followers. Discipling the apostles was the work that Jesus Christ was sent to accomplish. (John 17:4) Discipleship is not just a program, or even a ministry, it is the ministry!
Jesus modeled this for us during his three and a half year public ministry. He reached the lost, taught them the Word of God by word and deed, and equipped them to accomplish the Great Commission.

The Great Commission is the same today as it was when Jesus revealed it to his disciples. Discipleship is not something optional for the believer; it is at the very heart of our call. Biblical discipleship is how you have a part in living out the Great Commission. You have the responsibility of reproducing your spiritual life by investing the Word of God into the life of another person. There is no higher calling, there is no better way to spend your life!

Simply put, biblical discipleship will cost you your life. The Bible tells us to present our bodies a living sacrifice. That it is the only reasonable response to the gospel. Living the great commission is what you were called to do, it is God's will for you. Luke 14 gives us a great look at what a life of discipleship looks like. The life of discipleship abandons everything earthly for the sake of the call of Jesus Christ. Everything we are and everything we have goes on the altar when we are following the Lord. Jesus Christ gave his life for you and expects nothing less in return. The reasonable cost of discipleship pales in comparison to the words "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." The question is will you live the Great Commission?

Discipleship tools will be posted here for students of God's Word.

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