Let's Get To Work

In Matthew 28:19-20, we are given an incredible task to accomplish while we are on this planet. We believe that this is every believer's responsibility and the only reasonable response to God's call. The Great Commission is God's will for every person that carries the name Christian. This begins across the street and spans the globe by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, making disciples, and planting churches. When one thinks of world missions, it is usually thought of in the context of praying for and giving to a missionary that is going somewhere else to minister. As this has proved to be an effective way of spreading the gospel across the globe, we cannot stop here.

This is precisely why we have LFFellowship.com! Each of us is personally responsible to missions.  
Over the years, the church has isolated missions into another program or something that only the missions director has to deal with. This needs to change, we need to change. The primary goal of this site is to create a mindset in our churches that engages every believer to the privileged call from God to expand His kingdom all over the planet.  This is the responsibility that every church shares.

Knowing this, churches need to work together. LFFellowship.com is a meeting place for churches and leaders to share insight, resources, and opportunities to serve in order to facilitate local church disciple making, leadership development, and church planting.
Working together to maximize opportunities in ministry and missions. Matthew chapter 10 teaches us that "freely ye have received, freely give." This is what we are all about, we wanted to create an open space for churches to share best practices, training material, and other items that will be helpful in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ all over this planet.